Birthday girl!!!!!

From Haley to Pepper

Yiassas! Coming to you almost live from somewhere in Greece, welcome to our 7 April 2020 Corona Special!!!

In this episode of Stoned Kitchen, we raise our glasses and light up our peace pipes to celebrate the birthday of one of our all-time favorite goddesses. Yes, Pepper is on our minds, and in our hearts here! Now how do we celebrate such awesome occasions as the start of a new year on the planet for this goddess when alas, and woe is us, we cannot give her a birthday hug, or kiss, or even ring our glasses together in the same physical time and place? Well, I for one, take great comfort in the fact that Pepper’s partner, Dottore Thomassio will surely be taking care of the birthday cocktails over in Cologne. This of course being the city where our birthday girl, and eSKak’s homepage wizard and just all-around good fairy is sheltering in place during this period of life in the time of Corona. A quick shout out to Doc Tom – that magic trick you taught me only last year with the powdered sugar has inspired Stoned Kitchen to new heights! Thanks, Doc! – and keep those cocktails coming. (We like the fruity/tangy ones, best, Absolute -ly!)

So back to our Pepper Party here: Right now, of course, the Corona constraints prevent us from flitting over to Cologne, and obviously, Pepper is not allowed to spread those gorgeous wings of hers and soar over the sea to join us on Crete at the Stoned Kitchen round table.
We note, though, that her precious gift to me personally following last year’s police raid and arrest still dangles from the lamp above our table. Pepper’s present to us not only serves as a glorious tribute to friendship, but also as a timely reminder to treasure our freedom! Additionally – and hilariously, her spontaneous gift has led to some very interesting conversations – especially with our younger guests sitting around that table not as eSKay “regulars” (as they are too young for that), but rather have come to me to help improve their English. “What’s the word for those,” asked a 13-year-old Greek boy only last August. “Handcuffs,” I told him. He waited of course for me to say more, but sometimes, less details are more, and well, how do you tell your pupils that your trial for alleged law-breaking is still pending when you are trying to teach them the rules of the English language game? But I digress – this is Pepper’s Day!

As we cannot in this time send a gift as generous and creative as Pepper has done, we have decided to send her, well a story, and some photographs. (We were shocked indeed to see how few of photos we actually have of her person, but then shrugged that trip off. Our “mental photos” of Pepper are so much more vivid – especially as they contain a soundtrack that even Corona cannot constrain: Nothing, not even a pandemic, can silence the contagious peal of Pepper’s divine laughter. It infects all those around her and spreads joy and good cheer – at times all the way down to the shores of the beach down the way. (Sorry for using such language like “contagious, infect, and spread” during these days; we meant of course how Pepper’s way of laughing with her heart, body, and soul is like a magic glass of happiness that inspires all fortunate enough to hear it just to drink it in and laugh along…infinitely..

Of the camera-taken pictures at our disposal, we shall share now just a few. The first one reminds us all that our Pepper (in addition to her many other talents) is a gifted washer of cars – and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her stellar efforts on behalf of the great cause of the volunteer firefighters. Here she is at the first car wash way back in the summer of 2013 – note how she rocks that buttery-yellow dress, paired bee-you-tifully with the contrasting black bikini as she gives a final polish to a vehicle out of Italy…

In our next snapshot of a moment in time in Pepper’s adventure through life, we linger momentarily on that day…in which (among other things) Doc Tom demonstrated that there’s more to him than a good drink mixer….

And our Pepper encouraged all to cool off at the end of a most successful and delightful event (whilst displaying unknown talents as a sprayer)

Moving forward in time more close to our present, we arrive at yet another car wash down the road in 2019 in which Pepper once again demonstrates clearly that short-shorts aren’t just for the 1970’s, or our inner girls, but can – and should – be worn by goddesses of all ages who are blessed with such a figure.

Furthermore, Pepper proved once again that she always has the knack of just jumping right in there with the right idea – especially when her friends require emergency assistance. In fact, Pepper will even hold the bag for you and be your eyes – whenever that need should arise.

Oh dear, high noon has already passed here in Pepper’s second homeland-or would that be third? Or fourth? Who can keep count of the lands our global girl has welcomed to her heart and allowed to enrich her soul and mind? We also hear signs from down below, where the eSKay characters known as Dan and Zach are discussing the relative success of miraculous repair efforts made to the Milopetra water system this very morning!
For eight long days and nights, precious drops (rivers) of the water of our lives was looking like this:
(wait while I try to find those photos, give up, try and freeze frames from the video, but well…I guess Pepper can imagine what it looks like when water runs down the Milopetra road for now, and well it’s “Old News.” (pause. I tried again – another life lesson from Pepper!)

Today perhaps even in honor of Pepper’s very birthday, some Greek gods from the Messara arrived, and although they haven’t quite got the knack of the Social Distance Dance called the two-meter tango, they did get that rusted through pipe sort of “plugged.”

We close our tribute from afar to Pepper now (wondering how in the world shall eSKay transport such a large file to her – as of course, we have not yet mastered the ins and outs of our own homepage, yet…) Here, though, a look at what Pepper’s perseverance and faith can do (plus a plentiful supply of water from the nearby “wastewater collection tank” (aka “septic tank” can do when combined with the fortunate absence of recent sheep attacks: Blossoms almost as vibrant as she is herself that spread sunshine and warmth, even on the cloudiest of days. (A little bee was flitting about amongst these birthday blooms, too – but did not wish to be photographed today and flew away, filled with pollen Pepper has helped to nurture:

And so we close this episode of Stoned Kitchen in celebration of our dearest, our darling hot and sweet and spicy Pepper to say, here’s a crown of laurel leaves from your own garden here. Wear it with joy and pride Pepper as a sign of your many victories and challenges overcome along the way from the day about what? 39 years ago when your adorable smile first saw the light of day, to this one where your light shines brighter than any sun, and when light goes dim, you know how to be a candle.

With much, much, much, much love, affection, and hope for further joint ventures with you in the treasure that is our friendship!

Yiammas from Milopetra – now and forever! Now you party – and let yourself be adored and pampered! Happy Birthday! Xronia Pola! From your real-life friend and soul-sister “Haley.”

Footnote: Haley has slightly edited this tribute to Pepper on 22 June 2020 in preparation for the pending launch. She’s also decided (with Pepper’s permission) to share it publically – just because.

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