Stoned Soups and 1 (or 2) Pots

We adore soups and “one-pot” meals in Stoned Kitchen– Especially in the cooler months, there’s generally a pot of soup, stew, curry, or sauce of one kind or another simmering on the stove or in the oven most afternoons.

Waiting for the onions to brown to add to the pot of beans for this simple, very healthy”one pot and a pan” dish that even your meat lovers and picky eaters might dig into with gusto!

The scent of it cooking spreads through the house, which is fine with us. We like smelling soup in the works. It foreshadows the eating pleasure to come at dinner time. And if it’s a pot of chicken vegetable soup, you can be sure that Miamou is not far away. She knows who has first dibs on the parts of the chicken that Dan and I don’t plan to eat ourselves…

Here, we’ll be telling stories and giving pared-down recipes for some of our favorite soups and one or two pot main dishes. Since we are always on the look-out for new soups and “all in one pot” meals, please welcome to share your own favorites via a comment here, or send us your soups/one-pot story per email…

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