Sweet seductions

The Sweet Seduction section is “under construction.” We hope to have it ready soon (and that it turns out better than the coconut cake I am posing with here.) I had baked it to be the “crowning glory” of the “dessert table” for a huge Stoned Kitchen celebration back in 2013. The cake tasted divine (and was inspired by my gran’s recipe.) However putting it together at the very last minute turned out to well, make it a bit lopsided… But looks aren’t everything!

Alas, I did not notice until much later that my friends who put the cake on the table and lit the candles had not removed the baking tray serving as a “icing runover trap.” My “vision” had been to have that cake displaced on the mirror peaking out beneath it. But who cares? This party was to mark and celebrate three big life events all at once: Me turning 50, warm our on the way to being finished house, and celebrate a year after the fact our wedding.

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