Joint Ventures

Projects and enterprises bringing people together for positive action, needed change, and attempts to make things better! Fun included!

A wonderful example of a joint venture: Volunteers working to remove a sunken fishing boat that had sunk in a local harbor and was not only a hazard for other boats, but not exactly environmentally friendly to the sea., either. Photo from my February 2014 series called “Wrack Comes Out.” (Wrack is wreck in German, BTW.)

Coming soon…..

With Joint Venture, Stoned Kitchen does not mean a film, series, or fictional book with the same name, or an object that is forbidden in many places. Furthermore and FYI, as part of eSKay’s Corona safety measures (and a few other private reasons), we’re not sharing that kind of joint in Stoned Kitchen these days.

A joint venture here means collaborating and working together to reach a common aim or promote a wonderful cause. So this is where (in future) you’ll find links, stories, and information from partners, friends, organizations, etc., whose missions jive with our own (and who have agreed to let Stoned Kitchen showcase them here.

Oh. What is Stoned Kitchen’s message? Well, what do you think? You’re welcome to give your ideas below. We’re still figuring it out, but what we’re striving for is to motivate and support each other while we roll up our sleeves and get down to solving problems, helping others, and having a very good time doing it.

I already have a few ideas for our first Joint Ventures, but of course, cannot reveal anything more than that at this time other than to say I’ve put out some feelers, and like always, we’ll see what happens…and when we do, I’m looking forward to sharing those developments with you here.

Do you want to call our attention to a fabulous joint venture you know about, are involved with, and would like us to help spread the word about? Then we’d be happy to hear about it!

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