A little bit about me (and Miamou)

Me and Miamou ages 57 and going on 16 “human years” respectfully. Photo by Dan, 14 April 2020.

Haley: In real life, my name is not, of course, Haley Zimmermann. For the time being, though, I’m “using” her name here in the Stoned Kitchen world for reasons I’m keeping to myself for now.
What I will share is: In the real world, I’m a real person (and Miamou is a real cat.)

I’m an American writer, translator (German to English), proofreader, and English teacher. I’ve been living in Europe (Germany and Greece) since 1996. I’m married (happily) to the real-life version of Stoned Kitchen’s “Dan.” Miamou is my (meanwhile our) cat, but don’t tell her that. In Miamou’s world, I suspect we belong to her.

This website has grown out of what I call my first “real” – although as yet – unpublished book. I’ve written other books which have actually been published in Germany, but those are other stories – for English learners. Stoned Kitchen, or how a slightly illegal po(t)cast helped save Greece is another kettle of fish entirely. It’s “reality-based” fiction – and this website is one way I’m well, trying to turn my own fiction, or dreams into reality. You can read more about me and how this website came to be in the post called Introducing… For more on my “reality-based-fiction novel,” see the book section.

The main hope of this space, though, is to help bring people together, share ideas, and encourage each other to do better at tackling problems and creating a healthier (and happier) world for all. Oh. Stoned Kitchen also promotes enjoying ourselves while we do all that.

stonedkitchen.org is a huge adventure for me – I hope you enjoy exploring it and even more, will be encouraged to share either here – or elsewhere – your own ventures, ideas, and experiments about trying to make the world we live in a better place for all.
Your feedback is truly welcome (especially if you keep it in line with the eSKay Covenant.)

Yiammas from a little corner of the world somewhere in Greece!
Haley (and sometimes Thalia).
Miamou: Meow…(whispers) You forgot to…

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