Outtake from Stoned Kitchen Episode, “Adios, President Trump” (eSKay’s first video!)

Stoned Kitchen has been busy the past months since our launch of this site. We just haven’t posted about it here. (Things like the summer tourist season in Greece, heat waves, political passions, raging pandemics, and lockdowns, etc., were impediments so to say. Now, though, Stoned Kitchen is happy to return to you today to share our first video. It’s not the one we had planned and it is far from perfect. But if I wait until it is “perfect,” the message in it will be obsolete. You are welcome to share on your own social media and home pages. Should you feel moved to comment here, or send us an email, please keep the Stoned Kitchen Covenant in mind (and try to keep it.) Yiammas!

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Reaching out (again): Stoned Kitchen’s 2nd “U U U” going out to…

Click on the audio file below to hear the as yet unedited, live Blogcast recording of this episode. We’ll fine-tune it later! (maybe.) 45’s already busy with other things (like pulling out of WHO.) Help! We haven’t had time to check whether he’s masked up yet, or still masquerading as somebody with talent in pandemic control. Please help us “reach him” – and others with our message: Mask wearing isn’t just for sheep!

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Miamou for Potcast [and Blogcast]

Miamou is the very cool cat who kind of “rules” the eSKay world…

Getting Miamou’s Stoned Kitchen “look” ready to go out on the world wide web (where you never know who you are going to run into) has been such a joy (for me and Pepper.) Miamou was NOT that thrilled about “posing” for photoshoots and I seriously doubt she would ever let me stick some headphones or eyewear on her no matter what their color or design are.

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Eureka, Pepper!

Because that photo makes me look kind of sad or tortured, here’s a happier take of yesterday morning in the Stoned Kitchen front garden: Ah, a stumbling block! I just realized that I still need to do some work to figure out block posts, etc. – but then Pepper, I cheer up immensely and just trust my good fairy. in Cologne to help me out!

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