Outtake from Stoned Kitchen Episode, “Adios, President Trump” (eSKay’s first video!)

Stoned Kitchen has been busy the past months since our launch of this site. We just haven’t posted about it here. (Things like the summer tourist season in Greece, heat waves, political passions, raging pandemics, and lockdowns, etc., were impediments so to say. Now, though, Stoned Kitchen is happy to return to you today to share our first video. It’s not the one we had planned and it is far from perfect. But if I wait until it is “perfect,” the message in it will be obsolete. You are welcome to share on your own social media and home pages. Should you feel moved to comment here, or send us an email, please keep the Stoned Kitchen Covenant in mind (and try to keep it.) Yiammas!

Click below to watch the video of Haley the Wondering Woman…Apologies for the not so great quality and the not-quite-synched audio. But hey, it’s Stoned Kitchen…

Note: This is our “take 2” post of this video. We’re still playing with it, and well “45’s” still whatever it is he’s doing….

Coming soon (we hope!) our “Stoned Kitchen Election night review” and more from our “Adios President Trump” episode in which we send him on his way….Stay tuned! (You have to wonder if the 45th president of the United States actually believes his own fiction…

3 Replies to “Outtake from Stoned Kitchen Episode, “Adios, President Trump” (eSKay’s first video!)”

    You’re the best, Haley! Well… besides Kamala. Sorry Dan…
    And damn! (I forgot if swearing is allowed in Stoned Kitchen…) What a cliffhanger!

    Soooo looking forward to all the videos to come!

    Lots of love from Cologne

    1. Thanks so much, Pepper dear! It was lovely to read your words (in Stoned Kitchen, we often wonder if our humor is dished out to other people’s tastes, too. We are also looking forward to our next video (in which Haley sings!) We just have to overcome a few technical challenges (working on that!) We think a “damn” every now and then spices up the conversation. Much love from Stoned Kitchen! Tons of it!

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