Crisis Cooking: Get going!

Haley: Want to know the direction Stoned Kitchen is committed to? First, whet your appetite! Give a bit of your time, thought, and action to this article from The Guardian. As scientist Tim Spector writes, “Prioritising food choices is one of the most powerful tools we have to help save the planet,” and “Even small positive changes can go a long way.” I couldn’t have put eSKay’s Philosophy better myself!

A change I’m planning to make is: finally get the crisis cooking section of Stoned Kitchen going. I’m planning to “get started” with sharing in this section about changes Stoned Kitchen has made/is making to “help save the planet!” Those are things like practically eliminating aluminum and plastic foils from our kitchen, getting more plant-based meals on the table, and growing some of our own organic veggies (like this kale thriving happily beside some “straw flowers” next to our orange tree.)

So get higher: 1) Read the article highlighted above and 2) Share how you are doing with implementing these various suggestions. 3) Which ones are the most/least challenging for you?

In Stoned Kitchen, we are progressing well with the “eating less – but better – meat dept.” This 75% veggie to 25% percent (regional) pork and beef fuses Hungarian Goulash, Greek Stifado, and Irish Stew.

Miamou: I’d like to add: Haley cut off the fatty/”icky” bits of that meat prior to sauteeing it. And well, since I wasn’t around ….

at the time, she gave them to Raki and Jack Daniels (cats in the hood). I’d also like to share that despite my absence, Stoned Kitchen is still having a problem in the “reducing dairy” category. But Raki and JD are grateful for the cheese rinds…

Update: 17 July 2023
ME: Hmm… (I’m sitting upstairs at my red desk…) It’s been ages since I had the plan to “get started” with the Crisis Cooking section…And….
I think I need to find some time to continue with it….soon.

I might need some advice/assistance from Pepper, though…. Pepper knows how to do things like “Make Pictures of me Lipsync” (Hilarious! ) But can I share them on the wide wide web?

Miamou: Haley wants me to remind you of her “Life Philosophy” while she thinks over what’s the worse thing that could happen if….

Me: I’m going to post this (even though I actually like working and don’t actually know whose voice that is coming out of my mouth. Hmmm.

My new message for DJT (Have made good progress with “washing him out of my hair….” and with saving water, too!
Pic of me that Pepper took while she and I were collecting rubbish along a roadside here in Greece. Such fun! (And so is the “pepperfied” video with it’s Katy Perry soundtrack. Hopefully… )

I’m going to post this update, cross my fingers that “nothing bad happens” because of that…
Then, I should contact Pepper to say, “OOPs I did it again (i.e., I added some Pepper to a post at Stoned Kitchen….

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