The English word philosophy stems of course from the Greek. It’s two root “ingredients” philos (love) and sophia (wisdom) fuse to create Philosophia. Together, they add up to a love (or appreciation) of wisdom. Stoned Kitchen’s philosophy about food and drinks is still evolving, especially when it comes to balancing what we want to eat and drink with what our bodies – and our planet – need.

A typical greengrocers stand in Greece where freshness abounds, and you can avoid “pre-bagged” and “plastic-wrapped” fruits and veggies. Tip: Like countries everywhere, Greece is still working on eliminating one-way plastic and excessive use of plastic shopping bags. Our tip? Get yourself some reusable ones – and use them!

The Crisis Cooking section isn’t intended to be just a bunch of recipes (with some “so la la” food photos.)The focus is on the journey of wising up about what we eat and drink – but at the same time, not “giving up” delicious meals, snacks, and beverages.

Of course, we know that too many cooks can spoil the soup. However, there can never be too many wise ideas about how to prepare fabulous (and healthy) dishes. It’s why we welcome your contributions – and ideas for improving our own way of doing things.

Basically: We want to eat well, waste not, and enjoy moving towards “less is more” when it comes to things like sugar, meat, and processed foods, etc. Oh right. We also want to do all of that on a budget! And experiment! And avoid superfluous packaging, and…

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