The book

Stoned Kitchen, or how a slightly illegal po(t)cast helped save Greece

Photo: eSKay’s first cover collage (created “during lockdown in the pandemic.”

Blurb for the back cover (under construction)
Nice (real!) quotes from real test readers

Blurb/back cover (under construction)
Inside front cover (under construction)

Version: 9 (based on Version 8_finally finish it really)

“I cracked up reading the Cast of Characters” (Ivey, Portugal)

“There are a LOT of characters in eSKay. Most books should…” (JD, Germany)
“There are a lot of characters in my life.” (Haley Z., DE/GR/USA)

Flipbook chapter 1 (looking for it and how to post/link it here! Back later!) Gotta get going with dinner now- and have a “Help Save Democracy” mtg to prep for later. Something’s always cookin in Stoned Kitchen!

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