The book

Excerpt from Stoned Kitchen “the book.” Photo: eSKay’s first cover collage.

FOREWORD (aka CYA/ Disclaimer)

Stoned Kitchen, or how a slightly illegal po(t)cast helped save Greece‘ is a work of reality-inspired fiction. That just means that some of the following is true, whilst other parts might become so, and if not, they will just remain figments of imagination. Regardless—and as I told the cops John, Nick, and Sep on the day they arrested me—I take full responsibility for my mistakes”

At present, Stoned Kitchen is hoping to find an agent and/or publisher. To that end, I finally found the nerve to “submit,” and send off a manuscript excerpt, a synopsis, and a query letter to one particular agent on 6 May 2020. Exciting (and scary, too!) Until I hear back about the reaction to that first “Submission” (or not), I’m considering this search to be “on hold.” That’s because, in Stoned Kitchen, the policy is generally “first come, first served.” We’ll see! But until then, I don’t want to “reveal” too much here (kind of like on a first date.) However, if you are curious about the book, check out What’s the book about? and/or explore the Stoned Kitchen Cast of Characters / Gods and Goddesses to see who pops up between its pages. ” On the Submission page, you can find out “what happens” with the book when, well, something happens. Or I change my mind…

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