Hermes: Welcome to Home at Stoned Kitchen!
Haley: Thanks, Hermes, and to all dropping in, Hello! Yiassas!

Haley: Here at home, you can find out A little bit about me – and Miamou. Our Summer Menu 2020 gives you a (relatively) quick look at what Stoned Kitchen has cooked up for our launch menu. You’ll also find our Contact page.

We’re bringing this “Home” section based on post-launch feedback from guests like you! Many first-time visitors missed a clear overview. Duh! We should have thought of that ourselves!
This is our first try at serving up a clear, quick, and tasty summary of this space. At present, it’s kind of a rough map to help you discover and navigate (or hang out in) the Stoned Kitchen World. You could…
Miamou: (hissing, whispering) Psst, Haley! Remember! You wanted to keep this quick! Meow. Humans! Always losing their sense of purpose, and getting lost along the way……purr.

A roadside sign somewhere in Greece. The translation isn’t perfect, but neither is Stoned Kitchen. Perfection is not our goal. However, learning, growing, and getting better (and higher) together is. So, FYI: In English, you enter construction sites (and websites) “at” your own risk.

But in Stoned Kitchen, we hope all guests bring along their willingness to take risks in the interest of finding common ground and practical (and even fun) solutions to the most pressing problems facing the world and its inhabitants.
Miamou: Hermes! Help her – alla tora!
MIamou: Stoned Kitchen’s mascot and muse.

Haley: (sighs) True, Miamou. (brightening up) But, we hope our home section will help people find their way around Stoned Kitchen and of course enjoy their visit with us.

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