Miamou for Potcast [and Blogcast]

Miamou is the very cool cat who kind of “rules” the eSKay world…

Getting Miamou’s Stoned Kitchen “look” ready to go out on the world wide web (where you never know who you are going to run into) has been such a joy (for me and Pepper.) Miamou was NOT that thrilled about “posing” for photoshoots and I seriously doubt she would ever let me stick some headphones or eyewear on her no matter what their color or design are.

Here’s an outtake from one of my many attempts at getting Miamou to, “Sit up straight, hold your ears aloft and look at the camera.” Yes, I do talk to Miamou. All the time. Even though she is a cat. And meanwhile… well, I’ll not divulge her medical secrets here today. Let’s just say she is “hard of hearing.”
BTW, I learned later – from Pepper, of course, that a “neutral background” would have been, um, simpler to work with. Next time!

Just one more little anecdote before moving on to the next task (getting the “Philosophia” text written to introduce the “Crisis Cooking” posts and “recipes”): When Dan saw the different “Miamou Looks” Pepper had created, he was like, “Um. Yeah. But the headphones aren’t on her ears!”
Well of course Dan is right about that and it is fabulous that I can depend on him to always point out to me the practical sides of life. This is one of the ways we complement each other.
And of course, after I mentioned Dan’s concern to Pepper, she got right down to addressing it. On 30 April 2020, Pepper sent me a brief message that just said, “Any more complaints?” Attached was this photo of Miamou that certainly “solved” the matter Dan had brought to our attention – just with, well an extra dash of Pepper!

Miamou ear-budded and rabbit-toothed by Pepper” April 2020. I LOLd when I saw it (Dan too.)

FYI: Pepper and I made an executive decision and overruled Dan’s (valid) point. It’s just Miamou is not an earbud kind of cat, and well hello? It’s not like she wears headphones “for real.” (Or glasses. Or rabbit teeth.)

And back to present reality of today: I’ll decide later what to do with what I just did [an “idea” tried but not ready to be “shared”], and not worry about the fact that I “didn’t do all of what I planned to today.” (It was polish up the “Introducing” piece on the eSKay homepage…avrio (tomorrow), or maybe meta avrio (day after tomorrow), or maybe even never….

But it is time to leave the Stoned Kitchen “make-your-fiction-be-your-reality” world of this homepage, which is “real,” but not open to the virtual world’s general public yet.

Now, though, Dan has come home. I stopped writing for a bit to talk with him after he came up the ladder to share some good news. Now he’s in his shop, continuing with making some kind of platform construction for neighbors and friends. As for me, well, I’m going to stop recording and remembering my life, and go make some more memories. (And stretch my back by walking up to Achim’s place – in the wind. I want to take a few photos to send to him photos of some stones (more like boulders) he had delivered yesterday, and also of a Dan-work project: “Swing in Progress for my two-year-old granddaughter” that Achim commissioned.

Giant swing in progress with blossoming tyhme. June 2020

And after that, time to think about dinner for two for me and Dan. It’ll be our “pasta night” for us. I’m toying with combining “gorgonzola with some rest mangold (Swiss chard) from the garden, made even more wicked when topped with just a bit of crumbled, crisp bacon. I’ve always used spinach for this eSKay standard before, but spinach season is over here. I’m wondering if it would “work” with mangold…Just know: This dish is on the high end when it comes to our “wickedness” scale because it contains creme, cheese, and those few slices of bacon. It’s satisfying, though, relatively affordable, and well, “see Philosophia” in the “Crisis Cooking” section.

Footnote: I actually went on that walk AND: using mangold for that dish turned out to be one of the best ideas ever! Dan gave it rave reviews, and even I was impressed. No pictures, though (we were too hungry!) But here’s one of some of our mangold still “companion” growing with lobelia and stock.

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    1. Oh! Now I remember, Pepper! Thanks for jogging my memory (and for everything!) Fingers crossed and “thumbs pressed” as you Germans say for this evening’s launch!

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