Eureka, Pepper!

Because that photo makes me look kind of sad or tortured, here’s a happier take of yesterday morning in the Stoned Kitchen front garden: Ah, a stumbling block! I just realized that I still need to do some work to figure out block posts, etc. – but then Pepper, I cheer up immensely and just trust my good fairy. in Cologne to help me out!

Two Old Cats in Lockdown on Crete during the Time of Corona, 14 April 2020 (photo courtesy of “DZ.”

What a gift you are – and thank you so much for yours to me. I shall treasure it forever, and it will always remind me of you – and also of Sex and the City!

Because we will be soon about to do something not quite legal, I need to keep this post brief today. (It is our soon to be “Soundtrack’s” B-Day today, and we have figured out a way to toast him in person – but keep at all times a good two-metre physical distance. (Note eSKay uses the Brit English spelling for metre since, well, sadly, Americans don’t widely use metres yet. The Brits got there first!

Here in Stoned Kitchen, we are getting very good at the “six-feet-shuffle” or “two-metre tango.” Of course, technically speaking, the lock-down rules say we cannot go see our neighbor’s at all, but well, we see it kind of as a “test” to find out if people can still have a great time together – but without giving each other nasty, and highly contagious diseases – with possible dire fatal consequences! Shit! We have to remember when toasting, yiammassing, toasting, and prosting, not to clink the side of our glass that we have been drinking from, or hmm. Do we need to avoid clinking our glasses in future altogether? (Maybe we could all carry a little bell around our necks to jingle when we raise our glasses to each other’s health. This would be safer and save broken glasses, too, and well……….

Well more thoughts on that and other “The New New Normal called Better” coming post-Corona and as soon as I figure out exactly where these Stoned Kitchen 2020 Corona Specials are headed! (The Eureka, Pepper above meant: Let’s email privately in the coming days – after Greek Easter. Your special birthday tribute to me gave me what might be a brilliant idea! I’m just wondering if…..maybe the homepage’s “first post” is already here…and just needs a bit of “tweaking” and “careful proofreading” (and a bit of editing…???) Regardless, THANK YOU! And so much, much love and gratitude coming your w(ay! (Thinking. Now how do I post a picture here????)

Postscript: Okay, I managed to do it (but I know I didn’t find the “easy” way. Will keep learning. Will try now to upload the SK combination “Easter and Birthday Nosegay” 2020 (the scent of these blossoms is divine! Freesia, sweet-pea, two roses, a sprig of “Strohblumen” and a bit of stock. The “vase” used to be a sugar bowl…

Stoned Kitchen 2020: (non-Orthodox) Easter Sunday.

We did not cook much at Easter this year. We enjoyed a “big breakfast” on the balcony overlooking the sea (or was that Saturday?) In the evening, we dined on leftover kale with chicken Cretan style. “Delish” was the comment from our neighbor whom we’d given a little pot filled with kale, potatoes, and a piece of carrot “garnish.” (SK’s doing its bit to try and help out our single neighbors who are finding it challenging to nourish themselves healthily while all the tavernas are closed.) Note to me: Next time, don’t forget to go out into the garden and get some fresh dill to add to the kale. The recipe section here is hopefully coming soon…I just have to get that up to speed…after Greek Easter! AND a big shout out to Pepper!!!!! She just keeps doing her good fairy magic to these pages – and I see she’s added some “rubrics???” to the Homepage navigation – so lots for me to do after Greek Easter!

Our “birthday dinner” was just for two, though. Alas, no photos of those home-made quarter-pounders of freshly ground beef I’d made served with a side of Dan’s Homemade Fries and a few of SK’s Bread and Butter pickles. Dan is getting a bit “tired” of me taking pics of our meals before we get to eat them. And well, last night, I refrained from sticking toothpicks adorned with the national flags of Germany and the United States into the freshly toasted, whole-grain bread I’d sliced to use instead of those nutritionally questionable “burger buns.” Somehow, I am not in the mood for nationalistic symbols during a pandemic – unless we do that as a show of solidarity with a country that has been particularly hard hit – like Greece has done for Italy and Spain (google it, I’m not sure how to link here, and not sure I want to link anyway. )

Private disco for two in Stoned Kitchen last night. Our Soundtrack included playing dusty “Best of” cds from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (I adored dancing and singing along to “an American Girl”) Guns n Roses, Peter Foxx (or is it Fox?), and Prince to name a few….caught myself in the act of making a little video, too – but remembered just in time, I have to live my life – and not always be documenting it 🙂
Pepper, are their “emojis” in Word Press??? Or do I have to start writing in another program and copying and pasting here???? Oh and I need to get that spellcheck option “on.” But one more practice with the Block function, and will insert:
Flags mentioned above from our (un-Orthodox) Easter Sunday brunch in bed (my portion) on 5 April 2020. “Novelty” flags BTW were a present for our big Wedding, Housewarming, and my 50th back in April 2012. A friend gave me a whole packet of these, and SK’s still using them. At least they are not made of plastic, but just wood, paper (hah) and ink….Menu: Grilled ham and cheese, fresh strawberries in their own syrup (needs some sugar) from the Messara with Greek Yoguhrt and a sprig of mint….
My “Corona mask” (not in the correct position because the knot I’d tied around the folds in this handy sling from our first aid kit had slipped from the middle of my chin, to around my neck. I got it fixed properly before going inside the hospital in Heraklion you see behind me. (My reason for being at the hospital was “non-Corona” related…) SK is predicting that masks are going to be standard issue in our new post-Corona lives. What do you think???

Please note: I made slight edits to this “Beginnings” post on 18 May 2020, and among other things, used “Grammarly” (another Pepper tip!) to check spelling. Just know, “my” language includes some British English spellings that have “crossed over” to my writing over the past few decades, and of course, occasional “interference” from German and Greek words…”Prosting” BTW is the same as “toasting.” In Germany, when people toast each other, they often say “Prost!” and in Greece of course, use the word “Yiammas!” (To our health.) Aside: Wow! This is really happening. I think we can launch the homepage soon!!!!

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