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My first try at a blog post!

What it really is is me just goofing around here and among other things, copying and pasting something I wrote stoned cold on 16 Jan 2018 and doing so while playing on my homepage more than two years later…and doing it in the time of Corona, too! (Oh my Good Fairy!) BTW I’m also …having my very first experience on my own in this space here. (It’s kind of weird – but lots of things are strange right now. Just like always.maybe.somewhere.) So here we go!

So just like all of you, we here in Stoned Kitchen are still getting our heads around Corona. Just last night in a fabulous live episode (which like always, I’ve mostly forgotten about already), I “ran across” that writing mentioned above in my eSKay files.

Hmm, but not sure if I will paste that text here after all. On second thought….Fact is, when I just re-read it myself, I realized that back when I wrote it (which I don’t really remember doing, actually), I had been dreaming about the Stoned Kitchen Homepage…some wacky stuff, too. But what do you know, just a mere two years and about three months later, here I am – and that SK (note: meanwhile eSKay) homepage dream is getting real – thanks to a lot of amazing Good Fairy’s…(more on them -especially on Minnie and Pepper later.)

But if you are one of those kids who just can’t wait, then skip on over to the “Cast of Characters” or whatever I end up calling it after I revise it (again) and figure out how to post it here on the evolving website. it’s called at the top of the page in whatever those thingys are called. Menu items? “Table of Contents” I guess it would be called in SK “The Book..” or outline…OK so here’s a first item for the “Tips for Stoned People” section (see the book – after it gets an icon here…)

MIAMOU: Stop overdoing it with the book plugs, Haley! Wait and see…and get back to your purpose! Human attention spans are short at best of times, and right now, ya’ll are all focussing on Corona…(purring/lightly snoring).

HERMES: (whispering) Miamou is curled up in the Stoned Kitchen reading corner…still living and breathing, but we fear fading fast…)

Me (Haley): OK. So that was a test. Here are some things I need to find out/learn: 1) Is there a SPELLCHECK here in Word Press somewhere? And how do I find it/use it? (Gods know I need it-but I am not alone in that. Just: If someone could teach the present US president about things like spellcheck, autocorrect, and grammarly, I’d be really grateful!)

MIAMOU: She’s really resisitng, folks. It’s just Haley is really, really worried about the present president. He’s in the high risk group, you know? We could lose him in this war.

Haley: I noticed a few spelling mistakes above – and did correct them myself. (OH and note: full disclosure! I’m editing this now a bit because I am trying to decide whether it “belongs” on the homepage in it’s “public” version – or somewhere else (like in the book? Or just in my wonderful memories of this time spent “doing the work for my dream?”

Hermes: (flying in a half-hour later) But not all of them, Haley’s finding a few more every time she proofreads and edits the Stoned Cold version-especially when she is stone-sober!]. You can also be sure, there are likely many more spelling mistakes and typos to come – but I hope we will have professional editing and proofreading help soon! (Should we add an OPPORTUNITES ICO ?)

Haley: Good idea – but later. And cheer up, Hermes!: As a dear Jeannie (as in I dream of) on Facebook recently told me (or rather my “real-life Facebook Persona”), “Spelling rules have been suspended for now [during the time of Corona.] I think I pointed out (nicely) that spelling got cancelled some time around November 2016. I find that MEAN of the White House staff! Afterall, even former President Obama’s staff made sure his tweets used correct spelling and grammar…It’s just not fair…

Hermes: Oops, Haley – or Thalia is it now? You hit something called “the block keys” in Word Press –

Thalia: Then add “block keys”to the growing list of things to find out[about]….

Hermes: (whispering) and stop thinking about the President. He’s doing OK without you and Stoned Kitchen….and block keys are good for things like diaglouges between the gods in the po(t)cast episodes….and blog posts. Regardless, this is a good way to test this out.

Haley: (some time later) Thanks Pepper! (I’m making a list of these things I mentioned – what icons??? And for fun, am going to paste now that doc I mentioned above (In my notes I made with Minnie about “how to work in Word Press”, she told me that there can be problems with writing docs in Word – and pasting them in here. OK we will see! (OH and don’t pay much attention to the actual content of the following. As said, I don’t even remember writing it! Imagine my surprise just now (on [Pepper’s] brithday!) of looking for one thing in my masses of SK files, and stumbling across the one called Stoned Kitchen Homepage (like I just now “discovered” italics in this tool. Isn’t learning fun – when you do it with friends?) OK, here I go AGAIN trying to do everything at once. I have to focus now (and maybe stop having a little kiff…(thinking) I don’t kiff when I work – not ever – though it was tempting a time or two…(remembering) when, for example, teaching small children – and teens, or during The Visit of Dan’s Mom (which could be a future posting on token while spending time with your mother-in-law who is in her early/mid stages of dementia. That was four years ago I think. She…

Today’s date is 7 April 2020 – that’s a tip for all stoned writers: always put a date on your work before you save it – helps you remember (maybe) what you were doing in the first place..(Rambling.) On this date (Pepper’s birthday) I’m copying and pasting – and having fun while also at least trying to help save the world. Feel free to join in – it’s not really a game, though, but well, a matter of….(reader/listener feedack/comments?), it’s how you live it. Let’s do better, folks, and as we say in Stoned Kitchen, get higher!

Hermes: and, Thalia (also known as Haley, and…) just realized it’s getting on for 5pm, so time to go out to the garden and pick some spinach for dinner. On tonight’s menu: Linguine with an especially wicked sauce: Seared salmon filets (frozen, allegedly “wild” from Alaska, sauteed spinach in olive oil (Cretan, first-pressed virigin[virgin], of course) with half a head of garlic. Just add white wine and creme, you”go to” salt and pepper-freshly ground! (and a good dash of nutmeg),fresh dill if available (we do), and presto! Dinner’s served – garnish with some sauteed pine nuts, and maybe an edible flower or two. Wait! I think I have a picture of the last time I made it. (I’ll be doing a double portion tonight, though. SK’s delivering to a neighbor who can’t cook – and well, he can’t go out to eat either since all the tavernas are closed for Corona. (secret) SK’s doors are finally opening up! (Soon!!!)

Photo added on 12 June 2020: A not so great pic of “sauteed salmon and spinach” as described above. OK. I need more work on “food photography.” But in the meantime, I have learned how to resize and upload photos to the homepage (among other things!)

Copied and Pasted from the SK Files in April 2020 (and my first try with bolding in WP! Finally found the bold button! )Note: That “bolding ” you see above happened later.) And ignore this – but it is a real-life description of my brain in SK Dream Modus Full Speed, Unplugged, an Uncut (and if the prosecutor sees this….could be trouble. Like most things – it is open to interpretation…)

NOTE: (from 12 June 2020) : So, after careful consideration – and reading my note about the prosecutor above, I’m really thinking about deleting what I had copied and pasted during my “first try with WordPress.” Yeah, I know – a bummer maybe, and not particularly fair to you since, well, I kind of “built it up.” Just, the text as written makes almost no sense to anyone in the world except for me – and I can’t fathom the half of it. …
Ah! What a dilemma (for me.) Maybe I will just sum it up (later.)
Miamou: This BTW is what is known as “Dithering,” or “Not being able to make up your mind.” A very common human condition. Haley suffers from it A LOT!

Until I decide, I’ll just label this as “Some original thoughts about the homepage that to date -still 12 June 2020-I have not edited.
(All the “normal” SK naviagator icons with one – max two or three words. HOME ABOUT US Our MISSION (or vision) Find your way! Surveys/ Quizzes/ Let’s Talk/ Results/ Recipes/Tips for…(stoned writers, lovers, etc./ Careers….)Product Placements/Sponsors….ps. The typos are, well, PRESIDENTIAL! (LOL)

Episodes (Emojis designed by our SK artists (who I hope will be C.T. and A.F.)

(Toggle switch for the audio/print version of this language [Note: no idea what I meant by that!]

Foreword: This is an alphabetical list of our produced, and/or planned, and/or potential, pot-cast[G1]  Episodes. It’s our momentary “wish list” in progress about things that our [are] on our minds and/are -we believe to be important, perhaps critically so. Please note that any appearances of HIGHLIGHT (see   H[G2] [G3] ) here denote HIGHLIGHT’S (emoJi) meaning of “marking a word or words” either electronically or mechanically (so called “Highlighting” (emoji spelling that out?) ) FOOTNOTE: Footnotes emoji.(see comment G3R2 – If highlighting)

Emoji = I’m ready and waiting for you. Check it out!  My(You may choose to make your decision with help or hindrance from our considered public, fans and/or enemies by clicking WARNING (emogi)– wait before you click! We suggest listening to or reading the episode transcript 1st (that means BEFORE you’ve been exposed to too many other people’s opinions. Try it – then see what other folks are saying – and if you so choose, you can do the “My opinion of the episode quiz,” and then you get to see what other people like you (and not like you) are saying – and by doing so honestly ITALICS[G4]  emogi, be rewarded REWARD emoji

Emoji=  I’m in the works. Click on the link to check my status.

Emoji: They’re still thinking about me. Is that effort worth it? Click(emogi) to be part of our fact-finding mission! Just click here to go to the SURVEY page and choose, “What I want to experience Stoned Kitchen’s Take on,” (REMEMBER READ or LISTEN to the GUIDELINES (COVENENT?) if this is your first quiz with us. Everyone is welcome. But because we have ADULT CONTENT[G5] , anyone under the age of 18[G6]  (or sometimes 17 in Greece – they haven’t decided that one yet – among other things (see potcast episodes –emojis for each episode that’s now finished.) But we’re not Greek bashing here. There just an example we happen to know of that has problems with uniform RULES and based on INFORMed CONSIDERED NECESSARY DECISIONS There are many OTHERS (Has SIDETRACK slipped in again??? and KARL[G7] , too??)

DISCLAIMER: We retain the right at all time to add and delete things from our list, partly based upon your feedback. REMEMBER the words of one of artists: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you get what you need.” We like all three – getting what you want, trying real hard, getting what you need. And you? (Of course, we also retain the right – just as we strongly advise you to do as well – to change our minds, to have bad days, to make mistakes, to be lazy, have a loser day (Take part in our “My best loser day to date” essay contest!” Click here for more info!  – Info emoji – or essay contest emoji)


(see copy of original, AUTHENTIC SOURCEs!) (this one – if I go with this idea that I just had – a scan of Thalia’ (or future goddess name for you know/don’t know who is writing this. Things change, and you learn stuff, too.) – original list of potential episodes – scrawled in pink on the back of the (brief) USER MANUAL for our new vacuum cleaner! (Sorry USER MANUAL, you the only available piece of paper in the neighborhood, so I ZWECKEMFRENDET (German word we think could catch on – you decide (later not now). You were in either the right / wrong place, at the right/ wrong time. Your fate is in our team’s hands.[G8] 

Closing down shop for the day – a LOT of Ideas – will see what pans out. Very excited about tomorrow! My plan is: get back to that Miamou scene, continue the progression. Tell the story (homepage, podcast episodes are YET TO COME – but are busy being born.


Cast of characters getting HUGE – but that’s the story really, isn’t it – part of it – so many influences, we simplify, and my we need to (trying out new expressions for OMG – but why? couldn’t OMG oh MY God = me – put no other gods before me.

ADD TECHNOLOGY (Power just went out and joined the internet…wonder if those two are:

in cahoots?   2. Dating 3 Conspiring against me 4. fucking me up 5. killing me 6. fairy godmothers reminding me it’s time to call it a day – and have my FEIERABEND

Trying to do soooooo many things with this! Loving it. Sprudeling. But must be wary (and LISTEN and CONSIDER Uwe/Dan/Daedelous (he’s gonna need a nickname quickly – Dade? Dude? Data?  (yet another god…) Leos….(his real nickname was Astro (from meet Geroge Jetson – don’t forget that angle either (so many of the things in that cartoon have COME TRUE – picture phones, instant food, etc. IN MY LIFETIME – impact, confusion – why don’t we have flying cars jet? (Cause we’d kill each other and ourselves with them. We need roads in the air first – but that defeats the point. Guess it’ll be robots then – or specially qualified Air Drivers (imagine Homer Simpson in a flying car! or Marge or…SIDETRACK (but not a bad idea…) WISH I had a flying car – or you did – or we both did (even better, cause then we could get in them and fly to the middle between us and see each other LIVE (as in real time: three emojis Live (for real) Live (for the verb to live) and LIFE – English really is a bitch sometimes. We might want to expand a bit (though MY god knows we’ve got enough words already – we can’t even keep track of them all – and we abuse a lot of them, too MISuse MISspellen um right left and center. SPELLCHECK at first appearance seems to be a god (albeit a faulty one), but this is, according to MY god (me), not true. SPELLCHECK is god given. That means SPELLCHECK is a tool, people made.

 [G1]Note to writer: Keep all Forewards short!

 [G2]this – and all such that follow will be links, represented by the corresponding emoji. ( Yeah, I’m getting on the bandwagon  here – saves words, etc.

 [G3]If highlighting is not the word commonly being used in English at the time, I am unaware of that fact at this time. You are welcome to add to my knowledge by learning the proper term currently in use – if, that is, you agree to let me keep on using HIGHLIGHT for as long as I deem necessary. HIGHLIGHT is a very good and helpful friend of mine. We talk a lot – and a name change at this point could damage my relationship to HIGHLIGHT: thank you (Haley (or Desi! If you / she wants to be) as writer(s). Emoji TBA (Haley the writer, Desi the writer, or both or a new idea waiting round the corner..

 [G4]I’m just playing – but it is coming together. Not sure how many emojis I could personally stand to see on one page – but they are ART, too that actually “emote” and fulfill the PURPOSE of an icon (maybe down the road – no build it in – the SK EMOJI Contest (these could like change with time – or evolve – but always in character of course. I can’t draw. I can’t even spell emoji without thinking about it and SPELLCHECK (emoji) doesn’t recognize emoji – which tells me what? Spellcheck isn’t emotional? Spellcheck is a TOOL! And only I can use wisely to help me, but it isn’t a substitute for KNOWLEDGE or my own DECISIONS or way of LEARNING or not.

(Also not sure how many – if any – of my (hopefully yours, too) writer’s comments will get into the book itself – or on the homepage either. That’s part of the work bit, getting my ideas down, the PROCESS

Wondering now if there would be some way (to at least fictionally in the book) NOT give the reader a chance to skip reading? Oh right, it’s my job as the WRITEer to put out …. something that the READer wants to read, take to bed with them, maybe even wake up with in the morning – and if we both are LUCKy, spend many very happy moments together over the time to come.

 [G5]Just had another idea: could the fonts used for the words that match the mogi also be different – like a font that looks like ADULT CONTENT (but not too adult to get us prosecuted. Suggest, teases, hints (the words or there – but would that be “influencing” INFLUENCE (with its adjectives undue – bad – good and….positive…

 [G6]Could I (we?) turn this text into dialogue? So like the Homepage is presented by the “SK Gods” and other characters voices in the potcast  themselves??? Would be good – maybe. Different kind of web page that the reader listener is famioliar with – and if the text is really good, then would encourage participation (and action)?????

 [G7]Have to think about that one – KARL is a charachter in the BOOK – hadn’t even thought about him being part oft he HOMEPAGE – but as it turns out the homepage is Haley and Haley is me so he’s there anyway in some way whether I like it or not. I do kindof like it. Depends on what he does and has to say as a KARL emoji (or episode – not called KARL – but “Loves” or MENTORS or Mixed Signals or ANALYSIS (Don’t get too detailed, box him in – the Episode titles are not here to  provoke an opinion in and of themselves (except the obvious ones like PARANOIA BAD HABIT etc. (and even then, we will attempt to show in the episodes positive aspects of BAD HABIT, PARANOIA etc (if we can find some. But in the episodes we are all sometimes stoned – that’s a pre-requisite. Every guest has to agree to get Stoned with us. (See Religion gets Stoned – again Episode titles.) Might need 2 icons – Episodes (actual ones) no – only one (I think). Write.

 [G8]That’s „Dan’ choice for his god name is Daidalos (Which I can’t spell!). Fits him, but I really wanted (at first) to use names for the potcast crew taken from the top twelve (You know Zeus and his gang. But maybe more appropriate to use lesser gods – more human ones or part human ones (subtly getting that idea planted/fostered that there is no ONE GOD – but rather we humans create our gods – and are are gods (we know that, or suspect it, but hasn’t caught on universally yet.)

POSTSCRIPT ADDED on 7 April 2020

I’m kind of speechless (and breathless) after reading that (no worries, doubt is in Corona.) I had forgotten about that ALL CAP phase of mine…and that Spelling!!!! (Ok this was an earlier writing under the influence effort…my stoned cold typing skills have improved. I hope. ) But really, when I just looked at that word salad above just from a visual standpoint, I thought, wow, that reminds me of the present president’s style…and then I remembered Pepper’s post and started LOLing…could I link to it here? (The Haley for President one….)

Right: MUst now get up and go pick that spinach. Miamou likely wants to ride the lift, too.

Must remember: Find out how to SAVE this post – this is an unclear feature in WP for those not in the know…bet Pepper sent me info about how to do that – and I be I even have that info from Minnie, too.

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