Haley for president!

But president of what?????

I’m really not running for president of anything (at the moment.) And personally, I would never run for any office – I hate running! It hurts my knees, causes some of my “parts” to jiggle painfully, and smears my make-up. Besides, I feel like people should not “run” to be president – they should apply to be president, or work to become president, or just be asked to take on the job.
Anyway, this “Haley for President” title was just a great joke that Pepper did for me in the process of us getting this HP up and running. I’m adding this bit of text here. (Pepper had just put in some fake text. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “place holder text” until Pepper turned me on to it. Salt of the earth Pepper is!

This, BTW, is not placeholder text. (And well, I know I should not let this play post go public, but I can’t bear to trash it or hide it. It is not every day one of your friends sort of “nominates” you for president of something or other, AND chooses a photo to go with it of you washing a car in your swim dress for the local volunteer firefighters!

A Pepper (or Doc Tom?) photo of me from the summer of 2016 washing away for president (or queen?) of the annual Car Wash to raise money for and awareness about one of my favorite organizations: The Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protectors Asterousia.

This summer of 2020, there will not be a car wash event. We decided that after putting on this event seven years in a row, it was time to “try something new.” I was hoping we’d be able to host a sort of “Firefighter’s Ball” at the beach, under the stars and a full August moon. That’s going to be a tough cookie to do safely, and well, like with so many things at the moment, we will see.
(It might not be a bad idea, though, to have presidential candidates show their own skills at washing cars, or working to reach goals, though….)

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