A little bit About one picture…

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Here’s a shot of me from Stoned Kitchen taken by Pepper.

Did she snap it just last year in May? (I can tell it was late spring here because of the purple carpet of strawflowers.) But was it maybe the year before in 2018? It certainly can’t be any longer,  since I haven’t had that flowery morning gown that doubles as a long coat dress on chilly evenings too many seasons yet. It’s also handy for keeping the sun off my skin AND gives me some extra protection from “skniepes” and other mosquito-like creatures that come out at dusk.

Shopping tip: I found it in Heraklion in a tiny (and affordable!) boutique during a “girls’ day” in the city with my treasured friend and soul sister, Rose. She just happens to be Karl’s eldest niece, and a Master Hairdresser! Rose is gracious enough to trim and do a bit of magic with my own tresses for me every time she’s in the neighborhood. (She gets rid of Dan’s split ends, too, but he passes on the highlighting.)

Her planned trip this May was, of course, canceled due to Corona. So, sure, at the moment, my natural hair color has taken the form of what’s been dubbed as a “Corona Crown.” I’m kind of wearing mine proudly, and considering (finally) just accepting: It’s OK for a 57-year-old woman to go grey…Just like I told Dan the first time I took the “color your hair plunge” some years back that he kind of was not thrilled about, “I’ll re-think this when I turn 70 (or 80,) and added a bit snidely, “And well, if you want to be married to a “grey-headed” woman, divorce me, and marry one.”

However, I can say that meanwhile, I’m reconsidering. I figure 1) it would be better for the environment (and Rose’s hands and maybe my scalp and hair) to NOT produce and package all these “cover-up” products…and well, watching that blue/purply peroxide mixture running down the drain gives you pause to consider what you are putting into the ground…Here, we don’t have water purification plants and such.
On the other hand, I really like the way I look “a bit blonder.” With a little help from Rose and the “hair care” industry, I can have the same color hair I had back in my childhood in Alabama…

Making such decisions is a very personal process, and everyone should get to decide for themselves. We can, though, encourage each other to re-think some things we do, and well, if I have to start “giving up” things to help combat climate change, or just protect the planet that we all need in order to survive, maybe I could “do without” peroxide and co. (and all those aluminum foil strips that need what, XX years to decompose?) What I really would miss, though, is having Rose in my life. My fingers are crossed that she and Caspar will be able to travel (and do it safely) to Greece at the end of June, and perhaps, just maybe I’ll be content with a trim, and getting to spend lots and lots of time catching up with my friends.

Rose working her magic in what must be one of the most gorgeous “beauty salons” in the world. Photo from Caspar, 2009 (or maybe 2010.)